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Young love, how crazy and carefree it once was. Then the world takes a hold of your life twisting it this way and that challenging you and your relationship to see if it can withstand the up and downs of what we call life.
For Jessica the ups and downs seem to take control over her and Paul’s relationship. They are soul mates, made for each other, a perfect fit on every aspect of their lives, so why did she end it over something so simple as needing more attention from him? For the life of her she can’t figure it out herself, so she is on a mission to win him back.
The only problem with winning him back is the timing. She has already agreed to a mission that cannot be broken, along with a life time commitment to Paul. What promise will be broken it’s hard to say, because this one act may end everything thing she’s ever dreamt about.

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Do all stories end with a happy ending? This story continues from where it left off in ‘Losing You’. Jessica and Paul are separated by space, but in their hearts the connection is still there. Can they put everything aside and still have a lasting relationship?
Paul is prepared for Jess’s homecoming. The house is ready, his business is running very well with little help from him, and his heart is set on her. With every intention of taking care of her for the rest of their lives he doesn’t understand why she is insisting on being apart one year. After his friends tell him he shouldn’t wait that he has to see this one for himself he can no longer stay away no matter what she wishes, because he is taking control and she will be his forever.
No matter how prepared Paul thinks he is, this little surprise might just be enough to end everything as far as Jessica is concerned. If only she was certain that he could love her over everything else that they have put each other through. He has the right to know, she should tell him, but this lie has gotten out of control and now his doubt is showing. Can she tell him?
This other man, Eric, is too much to handle for Paul. How can she be best friends with him, and still want a relationship with Paul? It’s a question he intends to ask, but her actions speak louder than words when she moves to sit in his lap, and pulls his arms around her, reassuring Paul he is the one person that has her heart. So this Eric guy needs to get lost!

Get your copy here:  It’s Not Over by Melissa M Marlow

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