Forever Yours Series

S-cover  new copy  Front“Sarah sees herself as a plain jane, a quiet girl with little self-esteem, never feeling quite good enough. As Sarah spends time at her family’s cabin, her life takes many twists and turns that help her to become a beautiful young lady in love. As her love grows for James she can’t get him out of her mind, longing to see him again, to talk to him and to feel his touch.
James loves Sarah and is fighting his American Indian heritage and a marriage arranged by his father. This is a love story that is filled with a supernatural twist and will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

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This is the continuation of a love story between Sarah and James. They are  separated by space but not by love. Sarah has many obstacles to face in James’s absence, but it is his love that binds them supernaturally. Will she survive her illness… will she stay true to her heart… and will James make it back in time to save her from everything?
It is James’s supernatural powers that makes this a steamy love story with twist and turns that will make you gasp with anticipation.

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James returning home leads to heightened emotions for James, Sarah, and Jake. Sarah is still deeply in love with James, but now that Jake is in her life she is confused. Her illness takes over leaving her weak and frail, but she still has to make the biggest decisions of her life. Jealousy peeks for James with Sarah’s need for Jake. He loses his connection to her feelings which almost drives him insane, but in order to save Sarah he will agonize through everything. Because of this new feeling of letting someone into his heart, Jake will tolerate James and his family; even though he knows deep down in his heart he could take better care of Sarah in the long run. As he watches James and Sarah together he is torn over their love for each other and his own heartache for Sarah.

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