Melissa Foster

New York Times & USA Today Bests sellers awards for Melissa Foster. Not only does she write compelling stories she helps other to do the same with her authors training program. If you need a start you may want to look at her home page. She offers her assistance while doing many things that are good for her community.



mf 2-14 Lovers at Heart by Melissa FosterClick here for your copy: Lovers at Heart

Lovers at Heart

Trent Braden has worked his ass off to have multiple resorts all over the world. It’s what he’s good at and what he loves, but could there be something more.
His one chance of that left about six months ago and he needed to forget and let go, because his one look had destroyed any possibility of having the one woman that enticed him to wanting more. The only problem is she keeps on showing up where ever he is, and that keeps reminding him that he should apologize for his behavior
Max Armstrong has seen that look before, and it’s the worst feeling in the world. In fact she lived it long enough to never let any man make her feel this way again, but Trent made that happen.

Now if she could get rid of those desires she feels for him maybe she can avoid the pain again.

Sisters In Love

Blake Carter, the player, is hot and he knows it conquering any woman he chooses.  That is until his business partner and friend dies in a tragic accident sending him into needing a better life.  With the need of change he even seeks a psychologist

Only when Blake walked into the office of Danica Snow he realized that she is the one that he wants more with.  More than a one night stand, and it is very possible that she can help him get past his hang-ups.

Danica Snow has never compromised when it came to her life.  She is smart, practical, and appropriate in her life. That is until this moment when he walks into her office.  She wants to indulge in those pleasures for once, especially after feeling the heat that arises in between them.  

This is a battle of self-control in order to do what is right.  What will be right for Danica and Blake?  You will have to read the story for that.


mf 06-14 Sisters in Love - Love in Bloom Snow Sister Book One by Melissa FosterClick here for your copy:  Sisters In Love








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