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WH Vega is one of the collaborates of the Hearts Collective Publishing group. They work together to get their works in better form and then release them as huge hits as soon as they are read. She only has four books published but they will be explosive. Check out her profile page on amazon to see all of her works.



Falling Harder by WH VegaClick here for your copy:   Falling Harder  

Falling Harder

The turmoil of losing one parent is bad enough, but Nadia Faber loses both her parent at the age of 12. She is thrown into Foster care, where she moves from home to home.

When she is placed with the Daniel’s home she finds her family in the foster siblings, only one of them is the man she falls for. Because of the living arrangements are the worst there, they spend a lot of their time away from the house, but not away from each other.

After the foster-mother leaves the home, the foster-father decides to take liberty in the two young girls in the house. It is Trace’s end, in protection of the girl he loves he lets things go too far and kills a man. He didn’t want to do it, but his instinct took him over the edge of protecting the girl he loves.

After ten years of separation, ten years of moving on with their lives, Nadia was now a very successful lawyer. Dedicating all of her time and attention to putting away the bad guy, however her personal life does not exist. She uses the charm her parents gave her, and the charm that Trace gave her to get through her insecurities of life. Trace, doing his time, serving his country, and finally home to settle into the life where he has nothing only to find Nadia on the front page of the newspaper. His mind has always kept her near, but to see her right there in front of him he knew it was time.

But after ten years could they still feel the same way about each other. They never even slept together back then. Garret, Trace’s best friend and foster-brother has gotten himself stuck in the old ways, and he has to ask for Nadia’s help. However this situation gets sticky because there are pictures of the drug lord talking with Trace.

Nadia will have to choose, Trace, or possible her career.

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