The Things I Do For You by M. Malone

Raina Winters is happy to have her sister so close to her now that she was dumped right before her wedding.  She doesn’t believe in love, but she had an arrangement that would look good for both parties and she would have the child she so desired.

The only hard part about seeing them all the time its in eveitable that she sees Nicholas Alexander.  They once went to dinner, and had a great night together, but she knew he was a playboy, so she didn’t want to needy or clinging and she left it be what it was, “one night.”

Now that he knows she wants a baby, and he’d be happy to supply it, he would just have to convince her.  His condition, the one thing that will make this all possible, she has to say I DO.

After being dumped can she take the risk to believe in this playboy? 

Another great story by M Malone.  

The Things I Do For You by M Malone

Click here for your copy:  The Things I Do for You: The Alexanders, Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)




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