One More Day by M. Malone

A mistake in identity isn’t always bad.  Ridley Wells never intended on pretending she was her sister, it just kind of happen.  And with Mr. Hunkey next door, Jackson Alexander, offering her assistance she couldn’t resist after finding her twin sister not home.  She needed a safe haven and he was offering it.

Jackson Alexander, never noticed the hot and sexy model living next door, and he has no intentions of starting that now.  He already had his hands full with have to young boys to raise as a single father after his wife died.  Self-guilt of allowing his music to come first before protecting his wife has left him refusing to sing another note.  And a woman in his house that gets along with his boys, isn’t going to happen, but she is so perfect in every way except letting him near.

The secrets they each hold with keep them apart for so long when the physical attraction becomes over powering.

It isn’t until Jackson’s brother shows up and thing turn to blows because he comes on to Ridley hot and heavy accusing her of wanting him.  She cannot stand there and watch the brothers fighting so he confesses the whole thing risking the heart ache she is causing Jackson for lying.

You will have to read the story to find out if Jackson is more angry or relieved to hear that Ridley is not the person he though she was.  I adore this story!!!!!

One More Day by mmalone

Click here for your copy:   One More Day (Contemporary Romance) (The Alexanders Book 1)



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